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Hey guys! What's up?
In this video we'll show you the two common Gusion/Gossen combo that you can use.
We will remove the first skill to make it simpler.
Since Gusion/Gossen's skills can be used twice, we'll see combinations like these:
If we include it, the combinations will become confusing like this: 1-1-2-2-3-2-2-1-1, 1-2-1-3-2-1-1-2-3
You can just insert the first skill anywhere in the combo that we will show.
If we are to simplify it there are only two basic combos which Gusion/Gossen can use.
First is the 2-3-2-2
Throw your daggers
Use ultimate to refresh
Throw your daggers
Recall your daggers
This combo relies on the burst damage of the 10 returning daggers.
The next combo is the 2-2-3-2-2
Throw your daggers
Recall your daggers
Use ultimate to refresh
Throw your daggers
Recall your daggers
It is simple but effective.
This combo will allow you to target your enemies easier.
Remember that throwing your daggers has a higher damage than returning daggers.
In the early version of Gusion/Gossen, his returning daggers used to have a higher damage compared to thrown daggers but now it is reversed.
I prefer this combo over the first one because enemies have different escaping abilities and movement speed.
This can be effective against multiple enemies.
With the 10 returning dagger combo you are limited to one target if the enemies are spaced out.
The 10 returning dagger combo is easy to spot if you are the enemy.
And don't forget his passive.
Do a basic attack after the combo for a higher damage.
The less HP he has the higher damage you can deal.
The second use of Gusion/Gossen's ultimate is a dash skill with no damage.
It can be used to find a better position, chase or escape.
This goes the same of for his 1st skill.
Use those two depending on the situation.
What is your combo for Gusion/Gossen?
Is Gusion/Gossen hard to use?
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